PVD (physical vapour deposition) is a process of coating objects with a film of metal, borrowed by watchmakers from high-tech industry. It can be used to produce a wide range of tints (yellow gold, rose gold, black steel, gunmetal steel), and is extremely resistant to wear and oxidation. We use this process for our whole range of leather and steel products.


This involves electroplating with rhodium, a very rare and precious silver-white metal which protects the underlying metals from oxidation.


Ruthenium is an extremely precious, anthracite-black coloured metal. It protects silver against oxidation


Vermeil is a precious metal obtained by electroplating 18 carat yellow or rose gold. This process has been used since antiquity in many different civilisations. Vermeil jewellery can be recognised by the guarantee of its “V” hallmark.


How to choose the size of his Ursul bracelet?

The sizes of our bracelets are indicated in the table below in centimeters.
So you need to know your wrist size. To find out, we recommend you to accurately measure the size of your wrist using a measuring tape.
If you don't have a tape measure,  print it here.
In case the measurement of your wrist is between two sizes, for example 16.5 cm, a number located between our SMALL and MEDIUM size, you can choose either a size SMALL or a size MEDIUM our bracelets being adjustable. The larger the sizes will have a less tight effect than the smaller sizes.

Bangles - Wrist in cm
Saturne 14,5 to 15,5 15,5 to 16,5 16,5 to 17,5 17,5 to 18,5
Embrace 14,5 to 15,5 15,5 to 16,5 16,5 to 17,5 17,5 to 18,5
Leather bracelets - Wrist in cm
Spartiate 15 to 18,5
Embrace 26 13 to 16,5
Yang 15 to 19
Pin 15 to 19
Square 16 to 17,5 17,5 to 19,5
U-Turn 19 16 to 17,5 17,5 to 19,5
U-Turn Simple 16 to 17,5 17,5 to 19,5
U-Turn Twice 16 to 17,5 17,5 to 19,5
U-Turn Triple 13 to 15,5 16 to 17,5
Revolution 13 to 15,5 16 to 17,5

How to choose the size of his Ursul ring?

We use the French system to indicate our ring sizes.
If you have any doubt about your finger turn, matching, in the French system to the circumference of your fingers, you can either:

How to choose the size of your Ursul belt?

Choose the right length of your Ursul belt using the following size chart :

Ursul Size (cm) US Size of trousers FR Size of trousers
85 28 38
90 30 40
95 32 42
100 34 44
105 36 46