Unisex leather jewelry and belts

the double U brand

Our brand universe

Leather and metal, a state of mind

The art of bringing together materials.

The creator, Alexis Théry. Its primary weapons: the luxury of materials, leather and metal, handled with finesse.

His quest: a permanent dialogue between suppleness and firmness, warmth and radiance, matt and shiny ... The incessant search for purity of lines for a graphic marriage. Birth of the double U brand: two U's that write "one" and then meet again and become one. For a piece of jewelry that dresses men, women ... the street.

Designer but especially musician, traveler ... Purchases his first jewel in Mexico. This taboo overturned, decides to do everything to reconcile the man with the jewelry. He began working with skins with a Parisian leather craftsman, surrounded by a jewelry designer, Ximena Alarcon Cavrois and a young architect, Felix Millory. Together, they will build a first line, noticed. Birth of Ursul. A first encounter between leather and silver, a game of oppositions and attractions between the noblest materials. The adventure is launched, and from the start the Ursul brand is distinguished at Parisian salons. In a few years Alexis Théry will install his brand which can be found in a prominent place in concept stores and department stores of international reference. Its goal is now to suggest a new gesture specific to men for a renaissance of a masculine jewel. A piece of jewelry so attractive that women could take it. Many have already adopted it. Alexis Théry therefore created a collection for them. And these two worlds, male and female, which function in echo, play with codes and enrich themselves with this game of mirror.

Alexis THERY, designer

We pay particular attention to the originality and quality of our leather and metal jewelry. 100% of our components have been designed in-house and made from quality materials. To last.

Made in PARIS

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